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Sept 1, 2012 – Sermon on “Consuming Fire” by Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson’s sermon on “Consuming Fire” (title selection by editor) focused on the continual upheavals in our human system of politics and religion and compared them to the biblical consuming fire.  Jim read an email from his brother lamenting the human slavery and other problems in Oklahoma to underscore the problems of our current society.

Jim used the following scriptures: Is. 33-13-16, Eph. 5:15-18

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->  9-1-12 sermon

Jim is a member of the Galena Park COG7 and was preaching at Conroe by request.

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Jim Thompson’s sermon on “The Pearl of Great Price” reminded us that our treasure is not on earth, but in heaven. He used many references to make the point including Matt 13:44 and the story of the man finding great treasure in the field and then in Matt 13:45 with the pearl merchant finding a pearl of great value. Both sold all they had to redeem the things they had found. We were encouraged to focus on the eternal gift of life instead of the mundane existence and to get spontaneous and respond to challenges in spiritual ways. Other scriptures he referenced were: Acts 26, Phil 3:7-8 and 3: 44-46, II Cor 3:6.


Jim Thompson is a member of 40 plus years at the Galena Park Church of God 7th Day and preached here for the second time in 30 years.  We were glad to hear him

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