Hello from the audience,

As you probably know from the title, this blog is for feedback to various sermons and other types of public speaking that goes on in churches.

I thought it would be good to give the people that listen to these speakers a means of giving their opinions.

The format works like this:  Once a sermon is given, then a synopsis of the sermon or whole sections of it, if available, are posted along with the time and place it was given and the speakers brief biography. You will find the sermon you want to comment on by clicking on the church name it would be posted under in the Pages listings. At the present, there is only one church in this blog and the default first page contains the posting and comments for it. If there is an audio recording of the sermon available, it can played by clicking on the link for it.

In order to leave a comment, click on the word “Comments” in the space under the sermon you want to comment on. If there are no comments, then it will say ” No Comments” that does not means that comments are not allowed, but that there have been no comments as yet. Eventually as comments are added, the number of the comments will be seen like “5 Comments”

The site is monitored, but because it is an open site, there may be comments that are not appropriate. As soon as these are recognized for what they are, they will be removed.  Please do not take offense by these if they occur. I suspect that is the reason they would be made.

When posting comments, do no use profanity or attack the character of the presenter or others that have commented. This is the fastest way to have your comment deleted. Please do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

If you have specific recommendations, or there is a comment that needs attention, you can alert the monitor by sending an email to