Sept 8th, 2013 – “Four things to consider about the power of God” by Ruben Frausto

Ruben Frausto’s sermon “4 things to consider about the power of God” was an exercise in demonstrating God’s power by the scriptures. Ruben first showed a video explaining S.H.I.N.E. and then spent some time following that up. He then started the actual sermon that concentrated on the miracles that established the early church leaders and gave personal testimony to the times God has delivered members of his family.

Ruben FraustoRuben FraustoRuben used the following scriptures: Ro. 15:4, Heb 13:8, Luke 1:37, Acts 3:18, John 5:1-9, Mark 5:22-34, Ex 20:5-6, Ps 103:1-4, Matt 11:28-29

Listen to the sermon here ->Windows -7-2013sermon, Mac 9-7-2013sermon

Ruben Frausto lives and pastors in California in addition to being a leader in S.H.I.N.E


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