May 25th, 2014 – Sermon on “Encounters that change us” by Michael Smith

Michael Smith’s sermon on “Encounters that change us” was based on his testimony and used experiences that were turning points as examples. This included his marriage to Janet, his Springvale years among others. A notable quote was “Is now the time to put childish ways behind us?” Michael ended his sermon with a call for any unbaptized to make a commitment  to be baptized.

Michael Smith 1-12-13

Michael used the following scriptures:  Prov 22:6, Ps 51:10, 1 Cor 13:11, Acts 8:38

Listen to audio  of the sermon here ->  5-24-2014 sermon  (24 min)

Michael is a member of the Conroe COG7 and was preaching by request.

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  1. Gladys McCoy says:


    Your sermon was very inspiring to me. I am glad that you risked telling of some of your young experiences and the result of your friends’ influence on you. Your experiences and what you learned from them may help others change the paths that they find themselves on. There is a period in our lives when we have to decide which path leads to greater happiness, contentment and the benefits of the peace and joy we can find in our walk with God. It is my prayer that your testimony will encourage someone to take the high road and turn his or her life over to Him. May God bless you and your family, Mike. You have a lot to be thankful for. A fine family is the path to happiness!


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