Feb. 25, 2012 – Sermon on “Bring the Light of the World” by Dennis O’Banion

Dennis O’Banion’s sermon “Bring the Light of the World” focused on the concepts of joining together to accomplish tasks that are too big for individuals. He used an analogy of a small child lost in a large wheat field, eventually being found by neighbors joining hands to carefully cover all the ground. He also covered the salt of the earth and letting our light shine subjects using the following scriptures: Matt. 5:13-16, Ps. 36:9, 1John 1:5, Ps. 119:105, Ps. 27:1, 1John 1:9.

Audio can be heard by clicking on this link -> 2-25-12 sermon

Dennis is a member of the Conroe COG7 and is serving as the church administrator. He preaches upon request.

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