September 1, 2018 – Sermon on “The Face of God“ by Jeff Kendrick

Jeff describes the sermon as: Believers have a collection of thoughts and ideas about God that are gathered over years of living the Christian life. When we pray to God, we can be said to be praying to God as we see Him, evidenced by the collection of thoughts we have gathered. I call this collection the Face of God. This sermon talks about this, the way it occurs and our relationship to God and His Holy Spirit.
Jeff used the following scriptures: John 7:37-39, 15:11-15, Acts 2:14-21, Luke 24:13-32, 11:9-13, Rev 3:20-22, Psalms 85

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->  9-1-18 sermon  25 min

Jeff Kendrick attends the Conroe Church of God 7th Day with his wife Jeana. Although he is not a preacher by profession, he occasionally contributes sermons and is the founder of this blog.

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