November 17, 2018 – Sermon on “The Tithe” by Paul Pedersen

Sermon description: Last week, the message was on The Faithful Steward. We continue this week in talking specifically about the tithe. Giving tithe and giving thanks are closely related, and it is timely to talk about the issue of giving as it is God who first gave to us. This issue deals with the question of continuity and principles of giving. Giving can become a blessing to you if you act on it in faith to the LORD.
Paul used the following scriptures: Gen 14:19-20; 28:22; Dt 14:22-23, 27, 29; Mal 3:8, 10; Mt 23:23; Mk 12:43-44

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->   11-17-18 sermon (38 min)

Paul Pedersen is the Pastor of the Conroe Church of God 7th Day

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