July 13th, 2019 – Sermon on the “The Almighty God“ by Paul Pedersen

Paul describes the sermon as: God is almighty! God is all-mighty and all powerful. If  our faith could only grasp the smallest measure of this truth, our lives would be transformed. Today, we will look at scriptures showing the power of His hand, shadow, and voice. It is not a small thing to say that
God is almighty in my life.

Paul used the following scriptures: Gen 17:1-2; Rev 1:8; Ex 6:1-2; Ps 91:1-2, 14-15; Ps 29:3-8

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->  7-13-19 sermon  (41 minutes)

Paul Pedersen is the pastor of the Conroe Texas Church of God 7th Day

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