May 2nd, 2020- Sermon on “With Christ & In Christ” by Paul Pedersen

The sermon is described as: We will continue to see scripture concerning the blessings of Christ’s sacrifice: in particular two positions in relation to Christ. The first is “with” Christ. “With” represents being identified with Jesus. We are crucified and made alive with Christ. The second is “in” Christ. “In” represents the blessings we have received from Jesus because of His sacrifice. We are a new person in Christ.

Paul used the following scriptures: Galatians 2:15-20; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Listen to the audio of the sermon: ->  5-2-20 audio  (36 minutes)

View video of the sermon here -> 5-2-20 video  (36 minutes)

Paul Pedersen is the Pastor of the Conroe Church of God 7th Day

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