Nov. 12th, 2011 – Sermon on “The Shield of Faith” by Jeff Kendrick

This sermon focused on what the shield of faith is as found in Ephesians 10:16 and how it is manifested in various situations.

The concept of visualizing the whole armor of God in Ephesians 10:13-17 was used.  It explored the relationship of the shield of faith with the church as a unit, the family, children and new Christians.

Testimony was included from Jeff regarding the visualizing of the shield of faith as a buffer against oppressive spirits in the workplace. This included a comparison of the traditional view of asking God for relief from spiritual oppression with the visualized custom buffer with adjustable filters.

Jeff Kendrick attends the Conroe Church of God 7th Day with his wife Jeana.  Although he is not a preacher by profession, he occasionally contributes sermons and is the founder of this blog.


5 Responses to “Nov. 12th, 2011 – Sermon on “The Shield of Faith” by Jeff Kendrick”

  1. Linda Armstrong says:

    I’ve always prayed for my family and now espcially for my grandchildren. I ask God every day to put a hedge of protection around them to protect them from harm, danger or evil. Now I can visualize the shield of faith protecting and seperating them from anything that would be harmful to them. The sermon was an eye opener for me and a great reminder of the protection given to us by a loving God.

    • Jeff says:


      I appreciate your input. Our faith is at once invisible but very real and we live with it every day but don’t give it a lot of thought. Occasionally someone illuminates a part of it and we can see the same evidence in our lives. Thank God for the prayers of parents.

  2. John Crisp says:

    In thinking about the shield of faith, we may be able to tell the degree of success as a Christian by the number of dings, dents, holes, etc. in our shield. A shield that is dent free and pretty may say more than we realize.

    • Jeff says:


      In the context of the armor of God, I agree that our shields should be battered with the confrontation. Outside the context, spiritual renewal in on our side!

  3. John Brann says:

    Enjoyed the practicality of Jeff’s message

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