January 25th, 2014 – Sermon on “The great separator of the Lord’s return” by Frank Camirillo

Frank Camirillo’s sermon on “The great separator of the Lord’s return” was the 4th in the series of 5 sermons on the return of Jesus.  Frank described how we are not guaranteed a place on the right side of the Lord when he separates the nations after His return. Frank posed several questions including “How do we know if we will be on His right side?” and “What is a disciple?”  He answered these questions and used illustrations from the lives of other notable people.

Frank Camarillo

Frank used the following scriptures: Matt 25:34-41, Luke 14:25-35

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 1-25-2014 sermon

Frank and his family call the COG7 in Conroe their home church but they travel between the churches in the greater Houston area and beyond representing the COG7 district leadership.


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  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    Your sermon gave all of us “food for thought.” That great separation will ultimately prove which side we are on. We are the only ones who can make that decision, and that is the most important decision we will make in this life. Without the grace of God, we would all be lost and without hope. It is a great and wonderful gift that God has given to all of us, and we should place great value on this choice. We miss you and your family here, but know that you are valuable in touching the lives of many others in the District. May God bless you and your ministry, Frank. You are loved. . . .
    Ken and Gladys

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