February 15, 2014 – Sermon on “The gifts of the Spirit” by Jeff Kendrick

Jeff Kendrick’s sermon on “The gifts of the Spirit” was a comprehensive look at the gifts of the Spirit in the Church both today and in the early years of the Church.  Context of the scripture used was ensured by reading large segments of surrounding text or entire chapters. The sermon concluded with a challenge to the church members to be more aware of the gifts operating in the church and to ask God to amplify existing gifts and to pray for more gifts, including the gift of giving. A call to pray for a gifted pastor was made.

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The scriptures used were: Ex 35:20-29, 1 Cor 12: 1-11, Eph 1:15-21, James 5:15, Acts 14:8-10, Eph 4:1-13, Rom 12:3-8, 1 Cor 13:1-13, James 1:2-7, James 5:16

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 2-15-2014 sermon

Jeff Kendrick attends the Conroe Church of God 7th Day with his wife Jeana.  Although he is not a preacher by profession, he occasionally contributes sermons and is the founder of this blog.

3 Responses to “February 15, 2014 – Sermon on “The gifts of the Spirit” by Jeff Kendrick”

  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    Your words were a blessing to us! You are the one who encourages all of us to go deeper in our walk with God. Sometimes it takes a lot of prodding to get us to see the blessings that await us if we are not afraid to let the Holy Spirit lead. I especially loved the part where you told the congregation that we should be in prayer for a Godly pastor. Ken and I have made that a special petition in our prayers because unless we get a pastor ordained by God, we will not grow and go deeper in our walk with God. Our prayer is that the pastor will be good for us and that we will seek God’s blessings for him and his family. Thanks for reminding the congregation to use the gifts of the Spirit in all things. We look forward to your joyful smiles each Sabbath. May God bless you and Jeana always!

  2. Jeff says:

    Gladys and Ken,

    Thanks for the kind words that I know were a serious comment. I know that the search for a Pastor is high on the list of things we need to get done. I believe the Lord will provide and we can remind Him with our fervent prayer!


  3. Jennifer Young says:


    I really appreciated your sermon. Thank you! It is such a blessing to be attending a church where the Word of God is taught and upheld. I really valued your thoughtful study. Thanks also for this site, it’s been a blessing to me.

    Kindest Regards,

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