July 26th, 2014 – Sermon on “Look what I found” by Wayne Hrenyk

Wayne Hrenyk’s sermon on “Look what I found” basically pointed us to read the Bible daily as a means of staying a people dedicated to the life of serving God. He exhorted us to put God first in our lives over pursuits such as TV, internet, and other distractions from reading the Bible.

Wayne Hrenyk

Wayne used the following scriptures: 2 Chron 34:14-19, 35:3, 2 Tim 3:2-4

Some notable quotes were: “We should be the people of the Book” and “If you are serious with God then He will be serious with you”

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->  7-26-2014 sermon  (38 min)

Wayne is the pastor at the Triple Tree COG7 church in San Antonio and was speaking by request.


2 Responses to “July 26th, 2014 – Sermon on “Look what I found” by Wayne Hrenyk”

  1. Jeff says:


    Thanks for coming to Conroe and the good sermon. The Bible is the basis for our knowledge of God’s relationship with man and therefore, our faith. We should take advantage of this, as you put so well. This knowledge was not personally accessible to the common person in English until after the KJV in 1611, probably much after. Praise God for ministering to us using all means available. We also should expect to hear from God from any direction.


  2. Gladys McCoy says:

    We enjoyed your sermon “Look What I Found.” Although the Word is available to all of us today, we don’t treasure it like they did when they found a copy of it. Thank you for reminding us of the value of each word in the Bible and for our need to make it a major part of our lives.

    May you be blessed as you live for Him!

    Gladys and Ken McCoy

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