April 27, 2019 – Sermon on the “Consecrate Your Home to the Lord“ by Paul Pedersen

Paul describes the sermon as: After Solomon finished building the temple, he consecrated it to the Lord. The Lord declared that He would put His name there. That is the same thing we need for our homes. What was true for Solomon can be true for our homes too. When we commit our homes and families to God, we can also believe God for Him to bless them.

Paul used the following scriptures: 2 Ch 7:14-16; Ps 51:10, 12, 17; 119:105; Pr 18:10; Jas 4:10

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 4-27-19 sermon   (41 minutes)

Paul Pedersen is the pastor of the Conroe Texas Church of God 7th Day

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