May 23rd, 2020- Sermon on “The Holy Spirit in the Church” by Paul Pedersen

The sermon is described as: God’s Spirit is available to all believers who love Him and honor His Word. In today’s message, we dig into the book of Acts and see the promise of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit transformed the church in the book of Acts, and it is still doing it today.

Paul used the following scriptures: Acts 5:32; 2:28; 10:45-48; 1:8; 4:31-33; 9:31

Listen to the audio of the sermon: -> 5-23-20 sermon audio   ( 40 minutes )

View video of the sermon here -> The Holy Spirit in the Church  ( 40 minutes )

Paul Pedersen is the Pastor of the Conroe Church of God 7th Day

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