October 27, 2012 – Sermon on “You got my back?” by Erik Dunn

Erik Dunnn’s sermon “You got my back?” was also formally named “Community of Accountability”. This sermon explored ways to link with other persons to provide feedback into our lives that otherwise wouldn’t happen. Erik gave examples of his own accountability and the benefits. He used David’s taking of Bathsheba to illustrate how lack of accountability can be deadly.  Eric used the following scriptures:Rom. 12:10, 15:14, Gal. 5:14, Eph. 4:2,32, Col. 3:15, 1 Thes. 5:11, Heb. 10:24, 2 Sam 11:1-4

 Eric Dunn is a pastor at the North Houston COG7 and was speaking today by request.

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 10-27-12 sermon

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2 Responses to “October 27, 2012 – Sermon on “You got my back?” by Erik Dunn”

  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    Erik Dunn,

    Your thoughts concerning our interaction with our brothers and sisters was very encouraging. To know that we are not fighting our battles by ourselves, but we have others who care and will be there to help us, is a truth that we should acknowledge and appreciate. As you stated, we should not only be helped, but we should be “the helper.”
    Thanks for coming to our church and giving your encouragement to all of us.
    Gladys McCoy

  2. Jeff says:


    Thanks for making the trip to Conroe and making known your heart’s burden for the church. I appreciate the concept of teaming up with others to provide feedback into our lives. One of the problems I see with it is the maturity of the people participating. Advice is only as good as the source, which would disqualify some on the grounds of immaturity or personal bias towards pet theories, etc. The ministry of the church is given the responsibility to speak into individual’s lives and any teaming up should be guided by the ministry to safeguard the process. I think you would agree and did not cover that aspect in your brief time with us.


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