February 9, 2013 – Sermon on “Something More” by John Crisp

Joh Crisp’s sermon on “Something More” was about getting more from our spiritual lives instead of just more of the same. John identified several scriptural references to reaching higher spiritual places and posed the question “Do we wish to stand on higher ground?” Even though he used what looks like a lot of scriptures, they were all on point and had impact.

John used the following scriptures: Acts 20:36-38, Eph. 1:3, 1:7, 1:18-20, 2:6-7, 2:20-21, 3:16-21, John 17:24, 14:23, 8:56, Ps. 119:17-18, Job 42:5-6, Heb. 11:10, 2 Cor.5:17, Rom. 8:35-39,1 Pt. 1:5,

John Crisp is an Elder at the Conroe Church of God 7th Day and lives in Conroe, TX and preached by invitation as he does on a regular basis.

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 2-9-2013 sermon

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2 Responses to “February 9, 2013 – Sermon on “Something More” by John Crisp”

  1. Jeff says:

    John, I appreciate the thought that went into the sermon. I see the work of God here and the sermon reminded me of the clear tone you get when striking a bell in its sweet spot.

  2. Gladys McCoy says:

    Your sermon was a blessing to me! I am always surprised at how the sermons from various speakers build on one another. One must come to the realization that God has control of our thoughts and truly does work all things together for His Good, as well as our good! I am afraid that too many of my prayers are of the “Gimme” type instead of the “Glorifying God” type. You made us all realize the need we have of becoming more aware of God’s love and His Goodness to His people. I am so thankful that you have recovered to the point that you can bless all of us with your sermons. What a great God we serve!

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