July 20, 2013 sermon on “Pray without ceasing” by Jeff Kendrick

Jeff Kendrick’s sermon on “Pray without ceasing” explained what our calling to prayer includes, how we pray, and how our unconscious mind can assist us in praying when we are thinking about other things. Jeff used parts of his testimony to illustrate and used the following scriptures: 1Thess. 5-14-22, 1Cor. 7:17-24, Matt. 6:5-8, Ps. 119:97-104, Ps. 19:14, Matt. 7:7, Jjeff in striped tie croppedohn 15:5-7.

Listen to the audio of this sermon -> 7-20-2013 sermon

Jeff Kendrick attends the Conroe Church of God 7th Day with his wife Jeana.  Although he is not a preacher by profession, he occasionally contributes sermons and is the founder of this blog.


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  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    Jeff, I was looking forward to your sermon, and enjoyed it immensely

    I was looking forward to hearing your sermon Sabbath, and I enjoyed it immensely. I had never thought of the unconscious mind being there to help us with our prayers, but I can see that this happens many times. It is always a blessing to me to realize that this walk is never stagnant, but we can always learn and understand new concepts as we travel along. As I mentioned before, I appreciate your testimonies of what God has done in your life. I firmly believe that this can help our young people find hope for their struggles. Did you notice how quiet it was while you were talking. This is always an indicator to me that people are listening. Thank you, Jeff, for all the work you do for the church and thanks to Jeana for all the work she does. You three are a real asset to the church and we do appreciate each of you. We are praying for Deanie. She is very precious to us.

  2. Jeff says:


    While I appreciate your comments as always, I remember what John Bran said a few weeks ago: that he wasn’t a pastor, it was not his profession and to give him a break.
    I appreciate him saying that for all of us that are called on to preach. (And he thanks me for being candid!)
    It has been a high point of my life to preach these few times. Even though I am not a polished speaker, I have absolutely rejoiced in the Spirit of God as he inspires me. I hope I have been able to coherently pass on the inspiration to everyone including the youth. That would surprise me though since my youth is far away and I may be hard to identify with.


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