March 15th, 2014 – Sermon on “Beneficial Doubts” by John A. McCoy

John Arnold McCoy’s sermon on “Beneficial Doubts”  started with comments about various doubts in the Bible and ended with the comments about the benefits of assurance. John Arnold used examples from his life and others to make the sermon interesting. One quote is: “(the) benefit of the doubt is about understanding and forgiveness”.

John Arnold McCoy croppedJohn used the following scriptures: John 20:26-29, Rev. 21:7-8, Matt 21:21, Rom 14:23, 2:23, Matt 6:11-13, Heb 4:15

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 3-15-2014 sermon (21 min)

John Arnold is a member of the COG7 in Conroe TX and was speaking by request.

2 Responses to “March 15th, 2014 – Sermon on “Beneficial Doubts” by John A. McCoy”

  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    Thanks for the sermon yesterday. . . enjoyed the various approaches to the subject. One doesn’t usually think of Doubts as being “Beneficial.” Perhaps we are all too ready to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt while we are reluctant to give others that same break. That seemed to me to be the gist of the sermon. I appreciate very much Jeff’s work at this Sermon Blog which gives us a chance to sort of replay the sermon and comment on it. I am sure that there are times when our idea of what you had in mind is way off base, but please know that I enjoyed the sermon and appreciate you and your family . . .

  2. Jennifer Young says:


    Thank you for that great sermon yesterday. I sure need to be reminded to give others the benefit of the doubt! I just need to know how many times? Seventy times seven? And then you might even tell me love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs….oh man, I’m in trouble….thanks again for that convicting word!


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