December 6th, 2014 – Sermon on “Dance” by Frank Banda

Frank Banda’s sermon on “Dance” focused on our giving up our inhibitions to dance before the Lord in the Spirit, if not the flesh.  In doing this, Frank used the incident in 2 Samuel where David attempted to move the Ark of the Covenant. Frank used a dramatic narrative describing the problems David ran into and the ultimate resolution.  FrankBanda

Some interesting quotes from the sermon are:  “This is not going to end well”, Don’t call me, I’ll call you”, “It is only in God’s Presence that we find blessings”, “Lose those things that are holding you back”.

Frank used the following scriptures:  1 Sam. 7, 2 Sam. 6-12, Ish.6.

Listen to audio of the sermon here -> 12-6-2014 sermon

(35 min)

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  1. Gladys McCoy says:


    Thank you for speaking to us last Sabbath. Your sermon shows us that God means business when He gives us orders. Sometimes we don’t take God’s demands very seriously because we think we can reason why they are insignificant. Big Mistake!! He knows how we are made and He has His reasons. We may not understand them, but we had better obey them!

    Gladys McCoy

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