January 26, 2013 – Sermon on “A Picture of the Effective Church” by Frank Camarillo

Frank Camarillo’s sermon on “A Picture of the Effective Church” started out with a short video clip about breaking down the wall between the church and the culture around us and reaching out.  Frank continued with examples drawn from football teams and how the huddle is a place to get instruction and then go out and implement the play. His point was that we should do more than just attend church, we should get out of our comfort zone and demonstrate our faith and testimony. He concluded with an example of how God can use us drawing on Moses’ experience when first seeing the staff turn into a snake.

Frank used the following scriptures: Ex. 3:1-3, 4:1-2, 9, 7:17, 14:16, 17:6, Luke 9:4-17

Listen to audio of the sermon here ->  1-26-2013 sermon

Frank Camarillo is a member of the Conroe Church of God 7th Day and serves on the church Board. He contributes sermons from time to time


2 Responses to “January 26, 2013 – Sermon on “A Picture of the Effective Church” by Frank Camarillo”

  1. Gladys McCoy says:

    It sure was good to see you and Anna at church this Sabbath. We sure do miss your smiling faces, but we know that our loss is another congregation’s gain.
    Jeff does a good job of describing the sermons, doesn’t he? I can’t capture the whole picture the way he does. Frank, that was a really good message for us. It does seem like we enjoy our comfort zone without thinking of the ones outside of Jesus who need Him in their lives. Thanks for reminding us to get out of the “huddle” and give our testimony to those in need of it. May God bless your work for Him!

  2. Site Moderator says:

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for speaking to us, we appreciate your use of the anecdote and illustration. Looking forward to hearing you again.

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